Q : I have spent a lot of time resaearching the current range of
silentnight mattresses to replace my existing one.I have narrowed
down to the following 4. Can you let me know which of the ones on
your own website are most similar to these 4 and which of these is
the best quality of mattress. I will be getting a kingsize
mattress.The 4 are:Henley (Tesco)Pocket essentails memory foam
(Tesco)Ivy (Argos)Toronto (Sainsbury)Many thanksSilentnight fan


A : The Henley and Pocket Essentials Memory are not comparable
products. The Henley as a Miracoil spring system and does not
contain memory foam whereas the Pocket Essentials mattress consists
of pocket springs and body moulding memory foam.The Ivy (Argos) has
a Miracoil spring system but also a "box" pillowtop that contains
additional fillings, but not memory foam. Similarly the Toronto
(Sainsbury's) has a "mock" pillowtop. There is no difference
between a "box" and a "mock" pillowtop. Both contain additional
fillings that form part of the main mattress rather than a
traditional pillowtop mattress where the fillings are contained in
seperate pillowtop attached to the mattress.All four products are
made to exactly the same stringent quality controls that we operate
to and it is purely a matter of personal preference as to which
mattress is best for you and which retailer is providing you with
the best offer.