Q : I have recently purchased a caravan and am looking for 2
memory foam toppers. One double and one king size.I received a deal
from Groupon on 09/05/12 to purchase these at £45.00 each.
Unfortunately i was on holiday then and had also not received the
caravan by this date. Could you please advise if you would still be
able to honor these prices today. I have checked with Groupon, but
they have no active deals at present. I have also checked with
Comfy Quilts and the price with them is £185 for the double.


A : The mattress toppers are produced under licence by Comfy
Quilts Ltd. We do not manufacturer them, nor do we sell them
directly to the public from our bed manufacturing site.We suggest
you compare the prices in local retailers and online to see if this
is cheaper than buying direct from Comfy Quilts.