Q : I have recently bought a Silentnight memory foam mattress. I
will be replacing the bed very soon as well. Can memory foam
mattresses be used on any base. i.e Sprung slats? Flat slats?


A : Ideally, when purchasing a mattress you should try it on the
base you intend to use as the base can affect the overall feel of
the mattress. You can put the memory foam mattresses on any type of
base, however, it is worth stating something about the minimum
'grade' of slats on a slatted base.-slats should be smooth,
preferably with chamfered edges to prevent cut through to the
mattress underside-maximum space between slats should be no more
than 100mm-minimum width of slats should be approx. 70mm-the entire
length of the mattress should be supported by slats, i.e.. slat
ladder length should be same mattress.-slats should be secured to
bedstead properly to prevent movement of slats