Q : I have justhad aflood and my Miracoil Supreme Malta is
ruined. What would be the closest replacement mattress for


A : We thank you for your recent email in which you ask about
theMalta bed. This model is discontinued and unfortunately does not
have an equivalent in today's range. We have changed many aspects
of bed manufacture in this time and no longer produce this
specification.Our best suggestion to you would be to approach your
local bed retailer and ask them to talk you through the current
features and benefits of our Miracoil Spring System, and the
variety of Silentnight Beds now in store.Whatever type of sleeper
you are, there's a Silentnight bed for you and there are just three
simple steps to choosing it.Step 1: choose your Miracoil support.
The foundation of all our beds is our unique spring system.
Discover the magic of Miracoil and then choose between our two
ranges - the popular Miracoil 3 or our new advanced Miracoil 7.Step
2: select your comfort and delight layer. We've developed new
materials to suit the needs of different sleeper types. Find out
about our range of comfort options and then choose the combination
that's right for you.Step 3: consider the perfect microclimate. The
top layer of our bed works with your body to create a healthy
sleeping environment. Make sure the sleep range you've chosen has
the right healthy top layer for you.