Q : Ihave bought a miracoil 3 mattress, which bed base shouldI
use divan or slatted.


A : You can place the mattress on either type of base.The
mattress is the heart of your bed and the part of the purchase you
should spend most time and money on. The secret of having a good
night's sleep is the mattress and bed base you choose. Always
remember that a 'bed' is a mattress and a base working together,
you should not consider them in isolation and should ideally always
try them together. We always recommend you buy them together
because the two are designed and manufactured to complement one
another in terms of support.Another point to watch is making sure
the dimensions of any base and mattress separately sourced are
compatible; two kings might not be quite the same size!It is worth
stating something about the minimum 'grade' of slats on a slatted
base.-slats should be smooth, preferably with chamfered edges to
prevent cut through to the mattress underside-maximum space between
slats should be no more than 100mm-minimum width of slats should be
approx. 70mm-the entire length of the mattress should be supported
by slats, i.e. slat ladder length should be same mattress.-slats
should be secured to bedstead properly to prevent movement of