Q : I have been looking at the Silentnight Henley Cushion top
divan and also the Silentnight Sacremento Cushion top divan on the
Tesco Direct website. Please can you tell me the difference between
them. The retail price of the Henley appears to be considerbaly
higher than the Sacremento. It is also 1cm taller and 3 kg heavier.
Is the Henley a better quality product than the Sacremento?


A : The Henley is not in fact a cushion top mattress, Tesco have
the wrong image showing on their website. The Sacrementon has a
bolstered top which form part of the main mattress rather than
being a separate layer on top.The Henley is considered to be less
firm than the Sacremento, however, comfort is subjective.