Q : I have been looking at single silentnight beds with 2
drawers and would like some advice on which of these are the best
quality. Nichola Luxury Deep Quilt Divan, Whitney Box Pillowtop
Divan and Montana Divan. Which mattress would be best, I am looking
for something that will last, give support but not too hard on your


A : All three choices are made to exactly the same standards and
there is no reason why one should outlive the other. Ideally you
would want to try all three to see which gives you the best level
of comfort and support based on your size and requirements with
regard to firmness. Comfort is very subjective so we cannot advise
which would have the best feel for you.If theproductsare equally
suitable for your needs and you are struggling to decide which to
buy, think about the retailer's service eg. Quick delivery; free
disposal of your old bed; special offers; or even just the
behaviour of the salesperson.