Q : I have 2 Silentnight electric blankets model number TT-CC.
One stopped working during use and the light on the control went
out. I checked the fuse and power was still getting to the switch.
So I replaced the lead with the one from the other blanket. Same
thing happened, switched on OK, started to heat then the switch
went dead. Now I have one suspect blanket, one which I guess still
works, but 2 leads which do not work. Please advise me if there is
anything that I can do to remedy the situation.


A : Silentnight electric blankets are made under licence by
leading bedding manufacturer Comfy Quilts Limited.Customer
complaints are taken very seriously, Comfy Quilts have the
facilities to test electric blankets in the UK - can you please
forward your electric blanket to the following member of their team
and they will conduct tests ASAP.Customer ReturnsLeigh Hartley (Lab
Manager)Comfy Quilts Ltd.Albany MillOld Hall Street,MiddletonM24