Q : I had a Maxima Bed Black Faux Leather Double 2 drawer Divan
Bed (Including Headboard) delivered today. However there are no
instructions with regards to attaching the legs and the headboard -
could you please advise?


A : The legs screw into the base where indicated.Position the
two divan halves whre they are to be used and bring them togethr
ensuring that the connectors are facing each other.Standing to one
side of the bed, lift the right hand base approx 100mm, while
holding the left hand base in position. Then squeeze the divan
halves together and lower the right hand base ensuring the
connectors locate. Repeat with the other side.First of all decide
which end is to be used for the headboard, then use scissors to
carefully pierce the fabric where the hole can be felt underneath
the stickers. Place the headboard bolt into the hole and fasten
intp place. Lower the headboard into position before fully
tightening the bolt.