Q : I am looking to purchase the Miracoil 8 Pocket 2100
(Prestige) mattress from Carpetright. There is very little
information on the 8 (a great deal on Miracoil 3 and 7) on the
internet and even in your online brochure. Is it possible to get
the product specifications anywhere on the internet? Carpetright
website has virtually no technical info regarding this mattress.
Also, what are the main differences bewtween say the 8, 7 and


A : The Prestige is exclusive to Carpetright. The significance
of the different number relates to the filling combinations and
additional support zones in this mattress. If you try the miracoil
3 pocket and compare it to the miracoil 8 pocket you will find that
each mattress feels different. You need to determine which of the
two gives you personally the best level of comfort and support.