Q : I am looking to buy my 4 year old son a single bed but I have no idea where to start on what to look for in a mattress. I obviously want something that is suitable for whilst he is still growing.


A : One of the most important ways of caring for your child is to give them a good quality bed to sleep on. Their precious little bodies do most of their growing at night (as much as 1.5cm a night
as toddlers). So, the right support is essential to protect them as they grow and help ensure against the back pains that two thirds of adults suffer from. For this reason we recommend sprung mattresses. Our unique Miracoil mattresses are fully sprung with a concentration of springs in the centre, which creates a supportive posture zone, ideal for supple young backs. This extremely comfortable surface also encourages a much needed, peaceful night's sleep (for you as well as your child).