Q : I am looking to get a king size bed and mattress, currently I have a
problem with my right hip, I sleep on that side with age it now
gets sore during the night. I am looking for a mattress which will
help alleviate pressure around that area. I can't seem to decide
which mattress would be the best.


A : Firstly you should take advice from your GP or specialist
before purchasing a new mattress, as we are not medical experts,
when dealing with skeletal problems.We do make a variety of
mattresses with different "top" layers including memory foam and
latex. Memory foam moulds to the body contours providing pressure
relief and our Innergetic Latex gives instant comfort and
energising sleep. We would recommend that you try one of these
filling types in your local bed store to see which you prefer.
Choose the one that is most supportive as well as comfortable. You
will need to lie on each bed for at least 10mins to be able to make
a fair comparision.