Q : I am looking for a bed for my 3 year old. My 5 year old has
the My First Bed Toadstool but I am struggling to find any My First
Beds. Have they been discontinued? If so do you intend on selling
any child appropriate beds?


A : My First Bed has been discontinued but we are in the process
of launching a new range of "kids and teens" mattresses soon. Keep
an eye on the website for the launch of these
products.Alternatively, the Miracoil 3 range of beds is usually a
good starting point for young children.Miracoil mattressesare fully
sprung with a concentration of springs in the centre, which creates
a supportive posture zone, ideal for supple young backs. This
extremely comfortable surface also encourages a much needed,
peaceful night's sleep (for you as well as your child).