Q : I am interested in buying one of your mattresses, it is a
Silentnight Ultimate Pillow Top Mattress. It is on offer in Isme
catolouge but does not give much information please can you give
some more information on this mattress and if it is available from
your website also what warranty would it have.


A : This is a Miracoil 3 mattress. Miracoil 3 is the most
popular sleep range in the UK. It gives you zoned support that
loves your back, pressure relief for a perfect night's sleep, edge
to edge support for extra sleep space and individual sleep zones
for undisturbed sleep. Perfect if you or your partner don't have
any particular sleep problems, prefer a medium to firm feel.The
high loft pillowtop mattress is measures 26cm at the deepest point.
It has a luxurious damask cover and comes with a 5 year warranty.
For full details of the guarantee please refer to the detailed
Terms and Conditions on our website.