Nothing beats a solid eight hours of
good quality sleep but with the polls open for the US elections and
a new President set to be announced by the early hours of
Wednesday, many of us Brits will be gearing up for an election all

So what can you do to limit the damage of a night
gripped to the exit polls?

Don't drink too much caffeine!

Coffee might seem like a great idea if you want to
stay up until every state has declared, but you won't feel so good
when you do decide to get some sleep. You'll be left feeling wired
and unable to rest. Try dark chocolate instead, it will give you
enough of a boost to stay focussed on the results but won't leave
you feeling wide awake come bedtime.

Wind down!

A head full of election rhetoric
will not not make for a good night's sleep. So if you're planning
on getting some sleep - even if it's just an hour - wind down
properly before getting into bed. That means switch the news off,
stop scrolling through Twitter and allow your body and mind to
relax. You can switch back on and get back into the discussions in
the morning; and if your preferred candidate hasn't made it to the
White House you'll feel far more level-headed having had some

Have a nap tomorrow!

You'll almost certainly be flagging
by Wednesday afternoon after all that excitement or disappointment.
If you're feeling really tired, use your lunch break as an
opportunity to take a power nap. Just 10-20 minutes of shut eye
will be a welcome break from all of that post-election chat and
you'll wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.