Sleep often doesn't come easy during
pregnancy - but entering the second trimester can see things
improving although there may still be the odd niggle keeping you
awake at night. 


In the second trimester, heartburn and indigestion
may begin to disrupt sleep along with a more active baby kicking
and squirming right when you want to settle down for the

Worries about what's to come and bringing a new baby
into the world may also be stopping you from drifting off.

Our sleep expert, Dr Nerina advises anyone struggling
to sleep due to anxiety to try and relax each part of your body,
starting from your  toes and working up to your head and face.
Breathe deeply from your diaphragm and tell yourself that it
doesn't matter if you don't fall asleep and that you will just use
the time to rest and relax. 

To sleep better, try sleeping on your side. When the
baby bump gets bigger, you'll find this is a more comfortable
position. Bring your knees up, and place a pillow between your
knees to relieve the pressure around your hips and

Having a regular bedtime is key to sleep success
while pregnant. Try to refrain from lie-ins in the morning to make
yourself feel more sleepy at bedtime. 

Try and get into a regular wind down routine and you
will notice a huge difference to the quality of your sleep. Read a
book, listen to relaxing music, have a bath and use some relaxing
essential oils such as lavender to help promote

Check back soon for third trimester sleep