It's been reported that 67 per cent of women experience disturbed sleep during their time of the month. Not only do the symptoms make it uncomfortable but there's also the fear of leaks through the night. 


Sleep position


Think your sleep suffers during your period? Find out how to sleep better during your time of the month here:


Reduce your liquids

Drinking lots of water is key tokeeping you hydrated whilst on your period and can help prevent the menstrual bloat. Ty reducing this as you head into the evening as this will only lead in nighttime toilet trips causing a disturbed sleep. 


Eat lightly 

Like many, you probably experience cravings for 'treat' foods during your period. Whilst it's tempting to comfort yourself and overeat on stodgy foods, eating treats in the evening can slow down your digestive system leading to bloating and discomfort when in bed. 


Stick to your routine

It's important to look after yourself when on your period, so sticking to your bedtime routine is very important especially in the days leading up to your period. Soaking in a hot bath before bed can improve your sleep. It will help relax your muscles easing any pains caused from menstrual cramps that could keep you awake through the night. 


Keep your cool

During your period your body temperature naturally rises, causing sweating leading to discomfort. The contrast from your warm bath and cool bedroom will make your body temperature drop, telling your brain that it's time to sleep. Wearing thinner nightwear and even swapping your duvet for a lighter one to prevent overheating can also help. Leaving your window slightly ajar too, will help let in a breeze to keep you cool all night. See more top tips for keeping cool at night. 



The hormones produced during your cycle can lead to you feeling extra sleepy. Practising simple mind and body relaxation techniques such as deep breathing and yoga can help shift your mindset into wanting to sleep. Small power naps are also shown to increase productivity and overall well being, so don't be afraid to take a nap during the day. 


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perfect night's sleep.


Prevent pain

We're sure you'll agree period pains and cramps are certainly one of the worst things about the time of the month. Although most can be numbed with the help of painkillers, something as simple as changing your sleep position could help. Sleeping on your side and minimising pressure on tender areas such as your lower back can help reduce pain. 


Limit leaks

Like many women we have experienced the awkward leaks that can happen once a month. We recommend investing in some 'once a month' sheets that you use during this time so that you don't worry too much about staining multiple sets. Wearing a good set of knickers whilst sleeping will not only ensure good coverage (reducing the likelihood of leaking), but they'll also make you feel comfortable. Like your sheets, it's worth having certain pairs that you wear during your cycle. 


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