When it comes to long-haul travel, attempting to
catch some zzz's in the airport during a stopover can be a complete

An article in the i newspaper this week gave us a
cheeky insight into how to snooze in style at the world's best
stopover sleep zones!

Meet the "Napcab" -  Used
primarily in Munich airport a soundproofed cubicle, air-conditioned
with a bed and multimedia touchscreen that shows the flight times
and an alarm. 

Why not try "Minute Suite" - Each
suite comes equipped with a comfortable daybed sofa, pillows and
fresh blankets. A sound masking system within each suite helps
neutralise noise and a unique Nap26 audio program is available to
help deliver a refreshing power nap. Guests can request a wake-up

Jump into a "GoSleep" pod - Inspired
by an airline business class seat, GoSleep is a state-of-the-art
chair that converts into a Sleeping Pod with a 180° fold-flat bed.
Designed and manufactured in Finland, the stylish GoSleep Pod is
easy to operate and features a partial or fully enclosed sliding
shade that cocoons the user from light and crowds...

Check into the "SnoozeCube" -
Passengers facing flight delays, cancellations or long transits at
Dubai International Airport, the 4th largest in the world, now have
the option to rent out a micro-hotel room right inside the

Travelling for business can be exhausting, but there
are a number of actions people can take to make sure they are
refreshed and alert in time for their meetings, according to a
sleep expert.
Check them out here.

Now, if you won't be able to lap it up in the
business lounge, don't worry, here are some top tips for napping in
an uncomfortable environment:

  1. Before your journey, make sure you
    take a sleeping bag with you!

  2. Use ear plugs 

  3. Dress for the occasion and (No, we
    don't mean wear your pyjamas to the airport!) wear layers just to
    keep you warm. 

  4. Use your bags as a pillow, it
    might seem silly but it will keep your luggage safe

  5. Prep you body for this sleep! Curl
    your toes tightly for a count of seven, and then relax. Repeat
    through each muscle group, working up from your toes to your

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