In the wilderness many animals stay
alert for predators while they sleep - and now new research has
revealed humans do exactly the same thing when sleeping in a
strange bed! 


In a hotel the pillows may be firm and luxury duvet
snug but even in the comfort of a five star hotel, your first
night's sleep can be dreadful compared to a night in your own bed. For some reason,
when we tuck ourselves up under a new roof, we often have a
troubled night and wake up feeling groggy and tired. 

Scientists have now been studying sleeping brains for
half a century in the hope of understanding the 'first night
effect'.  Now US findings show when we stay somewhere new, our
brains seem to spend the first night in surveillance mode. While
one hemisphere goes to sleep, the other half of the brain remains
on night watch.

So whether you are crashing at a friends house or
enjoying a restful retreat, we are here to offer the best advice
for a good
night's sleep
in a strange bed. 


1. Block out the strange noises…

Check where you are staying and be
mindful other guests and busy, hustle and bustle in the street
could result in making your sleep restless. You can always ask for
a room away from that busy street, along a hallway, away from
construction, or in some cases, on a "concierge level" or "suite
level," which are usually higher up and often quieter. Pack Smart:
Bring a bed mask, earplugs, and other sleep-friendly


2. Ban tech before bed for more restful sleep…

Taking your laptop, mobile, or iPad
to bed might seem to be an obvious candidate for keeping you


3. Give Yourself Plenty of Time to

If you have the time to start your
evening routine early, do it. You want to make sure you give
yourself as much time as possible to sleep, even if that means you
go to bed earlier than you normally would. This is most important
on that first night, when it's typically the hardest to sleep in a
strange bed.


4. Don't Forget the creature

Bringing little bits of home to help
you relax but don't forget the creature comforts that help you feel
at home either. If you hate walking barefoot on cold floors, pack
your favourite slippers. If you enjoy a cup of tea before bed every
night in your favourite mug, bring it along. Do you sleep with a
stuffed animal? Bring them along for the trip. Anything that makes
you feel more at-home will make sure that every night you spend in
any part of the globe will be a more rewarding night's