We've all heard of the merits of
power naps and our very own sleep expert, Dr Nerina Ramlakhan, is a
huge believer in the value of napping, so we were delighted to see
Tiffanie Wen's article published today agreeing with the benefits
of a quick nap. 


Image: pixabay.com


Napping is often looked down on
napping in the adult working world, but evidence is growing to
support the theory that napping can produce cognitive benefits from
increased alertness to improved motor skills, perception and memory

According to researchers June C. Lo,
Derk-Jan Dijk and John A. Groeger, both nocturnal and daytime
sleeping improved memory consolidation for unrelated word pairs -
like 'pepper' and 'elbow' - suggesting it can help if you're trying
to learn a tricky-to-remember concept. Another study, conducted at
the Beijing University of Technology, examined the effect of
napping on athletes after training. It found that naps could
improve brain function and visual systems, and promote physical and
mental recovery. Concluding, that with just a simple short nap a
day we can improve our brain power. 

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