Research published by King's College
London this week has revealed that using smartphones and tablets
before bed is stopping children from sleeping and that even the
presence of a device in a child's bedroom could be seriously
impacting the quality of their sleep.

It's a scary thought, especially for the majority of
parents who know that monitoring a child's screen time can be an
ongoing battle! So what can be done make sure your child is getting
a great night's sleep?

According to our sleep expert, Dr Nerina, the answer
lies in 60-90 minutes of technology-free time before bed and a
good, old-fashioned bedtime story.

Dr Nerina says: "Having a constant stream of light
enter our eyes before we go to sleep tricks the brain into thinking
it wants to be a wake, so - particularly for children - it's
important to introduce 60-90 minutes of technology-free time before
bedtime to allow them to wind down.

"Reading a book at bedtime will also let your child
unwind and is an integral part of their development. Save their
favourite story until they are tucked up in bed and it will allow
them to feel comforted and relaxed.

"I would advise a bath and then into bed with a book.
Simple things like bathing your children, reading them a bed time
story and making sure the room is a comfortable temperature are key
to getting a good night's sleep. This will result in your child
being more alert, well rested and focused the next day."

For more advice and tips on getting your child to
sleep visit Dr Nerina's sleep toolkit /sleep-matters/dr-nerinas-sleep-toolkit/