It's time for your child's first
sleepover and obviously you want it to go down a storm with their
friends. Heaven for kids, hell for the parents, at Silentnight we
believe the key to success is to keep things as simple as


Here are our top tips to help you host an
unforgettable night and ensure the night goes as smoothly as

Keep numbers small

Make the guest list short and sweet. Too many people
can be overwhelming for little ones and the last thing you need is
lots of over excited children when it comes to bedtime. 

Pick a

While kids are good at making their own entertainment
it's always good to have a few activities planned to keep everyone
occupied. Whether its a movie marathon or an evening filled with
arts and crafts, the key is to plan in advance. Making a clear plan
of activities and timings will ensure things stay on track as much
as they can and avoid any home sickness. 

Building a den is a guaranteed winner with children
aged between six and 10. Outdoor activities are a great way for the
kids to burn off some excess energy, which will, in the long run
make your life a little easier, tiring them out for

Fun food

The key is to make sure you're catering to everyone's
tastes. Children can be fussy with food, so it's a good idea to ask
parents in advance what their children like to ensure you've
covered all bases.

Most children like pizza and its always a
straightforward choice. Why not make it part of your evenings
activities and let the kids to make their own? Supply the ready
prepared bases and  toppings and leave them to make some
creative mess. All you have to do once they're finished is pop them
in the oven.


It's inevitable that when it comes to bedtime there
will be the dreaded squabble of who is sleeping next to who. One
way to avoid this is by arranging sleeping bags in a circular
pattern, that way no one gets left out. 

Another issue that will probably
arise is what time is lights out? Sleepovers are meant to be a
treat after all, so push your child's usual bedtime back by 30
minutes. Letting them stay up any later could lead to lots of tired
and unsettled children.  

Put parents at ease

As a parent you naturally worry about what your
little ones are up to when under someone elses care. Giving
each parent a call or sending them a text message to let them know
their child is having a good time is a great way to put minds at

The reality is your child will be having a great time
and probably hasn't thought twice about missing their own bed or
you for that matter. So sit back and enjoy the peace and quiet
whilst it lasts. 

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