People are always looking for the perfect combination of
factors to get a great night's sleep.

There is plenty of advice available on how individuals can
maximise their slumber, such as by getting the right mattress, setting the room
temperature and keeping the same sleep/awake pattern.

According to Eric Baker, writing in Business Insider, exercise is
one activity that can help a person nod off.

Getting out and about during the day, rather than living a
sedentary lifestyle, has been found to improve sleeping

Avoiding alcohol at night is also a good move. Typically people
associate drink with sleepiness, but in actual fact it will cause a
person to wake up a number of times during the night.

Individuals should also stay away from TVs and computers before
trying to grab some shut-eye, as the brain may mistakenly interpret
this as daylight and then both adults and kids will struggle to sleep.

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