Whether we are ready for it or not,
Christmas is already all around us. The lights are up, and the
adverts are everywhere, making the feeling of Christmas cheer
simply unavoidable. 

Various party invitations are starting to fly in, and
the battle that is Christmas shopping on a Saturday has already

With so much to do and so many people to see, it's
unsurprising that by December 25th some of us can feel a little
worn out. 

This Christmas, Dr. Nerina reveals her top tips to
help keep up energy levels, and avoid the feeling of inevitable
festive stress. 

Get the basics right

Make sure you get the essentials right; this means
eating well (including breakfast), staying well hydrated, getting
enough exercise and rest and avoiding too much alcohol and refined
sugar. It's also a good idea to take a multivitamin throughout the
season to keep your immune system robust.

Remember it's OK to say

FOMO (fear of missing out) is one of the biggest
reasons so many of us are left exhausted by the party season, and
social media can exacerbate this problem, as we're constantly
bombarded with updates on everyone else's busy and exciting social
lives. It's important not to over commit yourself - you can only be
in one place at once! If things are getting a little too much,
remember to ask yourself 'do I really want or have to go to this
event?' Perfectionism can really zap your energy. It's okay to say
no, and important to have some time out from all the elaborate
festivities. A cosy night in with the family by the fire can feel
just as Christmassy, and will replenish the energy levels of the
whole family. 

Get some fresh

Get out into nature and aim to have
as much exposure to natural daylight, fresh air and sunlight as
possible. This will keep your nervous system in balance and
optimise melatonin production. It's especially important to make
time to get outside during the winter months when there are fewer
daylight hours and Christmas is a great time for a wintery walk
with family; just 20 minutes of exposure to sunshine is enough to
boost your vitamin D levels and your mood.

Reduce time with

Try to maintain a healthy balance
with technology; constantly posting and tweeting about what you're
up to this festive season might boost your mood for a short while
but in the long term it will disrupt your sleep.

Seek out quiet time and time without
technology to boost morale and flagging spirits. Silence is a great
healer and we don't get enough of it in today's hectic, noisy
world; especially at Christmas. It may be as simple as taking a
bath with no music or technology with you or sitting quietly in
your favourite chair, sipping a cup of tea and enjoying a mince pie
whilst doing nothing else for ten minutes.

Have a

There's nothing worse than feeling
run down when everyone else is full of festive cheer. If you're
feeling really out of balance and maybe coming down with a cold,
nap for 5-20 minutes at some point between 2 and 4pm - no later
than this and for no longer.  This can help to reboot the
immune system and revitalise you.