Q : Hi, My fiance and I purchased a memory foam
a few months ago as I have a bad back. The mattress
has been brilliant for me. However, recently my fiance has admitted
that he is finding it difficult to sleep on it. He can't cope with
the memory foam moulding itself around him and is getting very hot.
In fact one morning when he got up his side of the mattress was
really very wet as was his pillow. I'm wondering whether purchasing
a single silentnight sprung mattress topper for his side of the bed
together with some sort of cooling mattress protector would resolve
the problem. Please could you advise?


A : Buying a topper may help but obviously this will make the
mattress uneven, especially if he gets a sprung one. A cooling
mattress protector wouldn't increase the mattress depth nor would
it change the feel of the mattress dramatically.We recommend the
use of good quality cotton bed linen with memory foam mattress
where the sleeper is finding the sleeping experience too warm.