With children heading back to
school after the long summer break, it's important to help them get
back into a sleeping schedule to ensure they are well rested and
prepared for the day ahead. As a bonus, more sleep for the children
generally means more sleep for parents too.

Our sleep expert, Dr Nerina Ramlakhan, offers her top simple
tips to make sure your children get the sleep they need:

  1. In the lead up to the new term start introducing
    technology-free time in the evenings - ideally 60-90min before bed.
    Bedrooms should be technology free (including TVs).

  2. Gradually reintroduce earlier bedtimes - for pre-teens getting
    them into bed by 8.30am, for teens (a tough one) ideally in bed by
    9pm so there's no late night TV watching.

  3. Children should have a calming pre-sleep routine - reading,
    relaxing bath, milky drink, avoiding over-stimulating TV or
    computer games.

  4. Talk to your child about any anxieties or worries about going
    back to school, encourage yoga or meditation (repeating a calming
    word or breathing deeply from the belly).

  5. Bedrooms need to be sleep friendly - keep them cool, use
    aromatherapy oils (e.g. lavender) or maybe even a new duvet to make
    the room feel calm and relaxing.

  6. Make sure they are getting exercise during the day to encourage
    good sleep.

  7. Encourage good nutritional habits - cut back on sugars and
    stimulating drinks, lots of water to keep well hydrated.

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