Q : Having purchased your Mattress-Now Miratex Foam
I assumed it would be ideal as a pressure relieving
type mattress. On looking at your range I am now totally confused
as to what I have purchased and where it stands in the Memory
Range.I am looking for a mattress that will not make all my joints
ache by the morning.


A : Key things to think about when you are buying are support,
comfort and size. Most beds are available in firm, medium and soft
ratings but these labels can vary from brand to brand. Comfort is
very subjective. There are no universal standards of firmness in
common usage in the UK. Because of this we don't give our beds a
firmness rating like some manufacturers. Your main aim is to
achieve good "posture" in bed. Too soft and your body will slouch -
often leading to back pain - and too firm and you will cause
discomfort at pressure points such as your hips and shoulder.
Ideally the mattress should mould to the shape of your body while
remaining supportive. When you lie on your side your spine should
be horizontal and you should be able to turn easily.The mattress
you have purchased has a foam core with a layer of memory foam. We
also do mattresses with our unique miracoil spring system as "the
engine" with a layer of memory foam on top. You will need to try
the two different types so that you can decide for yourself which
is most supportive and comfortable for your body.