Q : Having been in The Bed Warehouse in Scarborough we looked
for a replacement matteress for our divan which is relatively new.
(My wife found the previous mattress hard) We selected a mattress
which is labeled PZ Signature Pocket Classic from the Zing range.
We selected this one because it was so comfortable, and had a feel
of not being too hard whilst giving us support. The shop ordered
one for us, but when the said mattress came it was labeled correct
but it is like lying on a brick. We went back to the shop and was
told it would soften down with a few weeks use. Is this correct as
these mattresses (ours and the one in the shop ) are definately
vastly different, and if so we wonder as to how long we could stand
sleeping (in a fashion) on this mattress?


A : Firstly you need to consider your base - is this the same
type as the one in the shop - a sprung edge base will give a
mattress a different feel to a platform top base.Secondly, the
mattress in the shop may have been tried several times by customers
so the fillings will have settled s little but this settlement
shouldnt take too long to replicate at home as resumably the bed is
being slept on each night.Do remember to rotate your new mattress
so that the settlement of fillings is equally distributed.