A new study from LM Research has
shown that people in a happy and secure relationship are more
likely to get a good night's sleep.

Couples who feel loved, appreciated and cared for by
one another are more likely to sleep better, as generally they are
calmer and less stressed.


Scientists wanted to see how the relationship we have
with the person we share a bed with affects our levels of sleep.
The study showed that having a partner who is responsive to our
needs lowers our anxiety levels, and as a result improves our
quality of sleep. 

When we worked with the University of Leeds, we
discovered that 29 percent of people said that their partners were
the reason they could not get a good night sleep, be it from
snoring or stress. Those of us who feel anxious or insecure are
more likely to suffer from interrupted sleep, as they do not feel
the same protection or comfort as those who are in a stable

71 percent of people said that they slept better
after giving their loved one a goodnight kiss, and Silentnight's
sleep expert Dr Nerina Ramlakhan commented on the findings claiming
that "sharing a kiss with the one you love before bedtime shifts
your mindset away from the stress of the day". 36 percent of us
rely on this relief, saying they felt that if they didn't get the
chance to kiss their loved ones goodnight, their sleep would be

For us to be able to fall into a restorative sleep,
we need to feel safe, secure and protected. Our relationships bring
us this sense of security, with 70 percent of us admitting we can
sleep better after telling our partners 'I love you'.