Professional athletes that get plenty of sleep could find
their career lasts longer.

This is according to new research by W Christopher Winter, who
conducted a study asking baseball and football players to fill in a
questionnaire about how tired they get.

For the football part of the survey, he spoke to 55 college
players who made it to the NFL.

Mr Winter discovered those who were less tired had a 56 per cent
chance of remaining in the team that originally drafted them,
compared with 38 per cent of those who were more tired.

"Addressing sleepiness in players and correcting the underlying
issues causing sleepiness may help to prolong a player's career,"
the expert stated.

In the baseball part of the study, it was found that those players
who were tired had significantly higher drop-out rates compared
with the MLB average.

Mr Winter - who is the Sleep Advisor for Men's Health magazine -
presented the findings at SLEEP 2012 in Boston.

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