Achieving a good night's sleep is one of the most important
daily activities, as failure to do so can lead to significant
health and wellbeing issues, it has been claimed.

Jillian Lavender, director at, said
sleep is the basis of all activities in our daily lives and it is
therefore one of the single most important things in maintaining a
healthy lifestyle.

She commented: "In the sleep state all sorts of vital purification
and repair mechanisms are carried out in order to allow us to go
back into activity the next day. Without good rest, our system is
not able to repair and rebalance, leaving us feeling unwell,
drained and emotional."

Ms Lavender noted that when people become stressed and tired one
of the first things to become more difficult is the ability to
sleep soundly.

At times of high stress the body is working its hardest to restore
its systems and is often in a heightened level of excitation and as
a result, deep restful sleep can be more difficult to

However, it is vitally important that people do all they can to
create a space which is free from distractions and promotes rest,
as the best way to achieve a better night's sleep is to not be
tired in the first place.

According to Sydney sleep scientist Carmel Harrington in the
Canberra Times, ensuring body temperature does not get too high
during the night can be one method for ensuring a more restful
night's sleep.

"It's easier to get to sleep on a decreasing temperature. Normally
the body's temperature is at its highest at around 19:00 after
which it starts to fall, getting you ready for sleep," she

Indeed, Ms Harrington advised the ideal sleeping body temperature
is around 18 degrees Celsius and therefore, those looking for a
good night's rest should avoid sleeping with windows closed during
the summer, as this can create a hot and stuffy atmosphere in the

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