We always love hearing feedback from
our customers and were delighted when we recently received a
glowing review from Val Pownall. Val, who purchased her fabulous
Geltex Ultimate 1000 bed, following our advice on the Silentnight Facebook page, was delighted with
our recommendation.

After almost 20 years Val decided it
was time for a new bed and was more than surprised with the way in
which bed technology had improved. After carefully considering many
options she decided that the Silentnight Geltex bed was the right
one for her.

She said, "The difference between
sleeping on an old, battered, bed and a new, wonderful Silentnight
Geltex is hard to put into words adequately. Such comfort as we
never thought possible! The advanced design of the mattress, with
its unparalleled breathability; flexibility which means no more
rolling into the middle if one of us moves; beautifully luxurious,
comfortable and soft, yet so very supportive." 

Val was taken with the Geltex's
design too - she thought it very stylish and shouted quality and

She added, "No more waking up in the
morning with aches and pains either. We can (almost!) spring out of
bed, feeling fresh, relaxed and well rested after a perfect night's
sleep - a new experience for us. Sleep, perfect sleep!

"My husband claims he gets a much
more restful night now I'm not bending his ear constantly about
lumpy springs that stick in my back all night long. Money well
spent, and a good investment! Excellent!"

Thanks again for your feedback Val,
we're glad we could unlock the secret to a great night's sleep for

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We look forward to hearing from

The Silentnight Team