It's been a busy week with the general election
and whichever way you voted you're likely to be feeling pretty
tired today if you stayed up to watch the results live.

We've asked our sleep expert, Dr Nerina Ramlakhan, to
give us her top tips for getting through the day after pulling an

Cut yourself some slack

Today it will be particularly important to take a deep
breath and try not to get caught up in the hysteria of
post-election debate. You'll inevitably be exhausted today if you
were up all night gripped to the polls, and it can be hard to focus
and impossible to prioritise if you are over-tired. Make a list of
everything you need to get done and try to work through it. However
try not to put too much pressure on yourself; it really is
impossible for your brain to focus if you haven't had enough

Have a nap

Try to minimise the damage and boost your productivity
by having a power nap during your lunch break. Just 10-20 minutes
of shut eye will be a welcome break from all the post-election chat
and you'll wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Stay away from coffee and sugar

Loading up on coffee and sugar might seem like a great
idea especially if you're struggling to stay alert today. However,
when you do want some sleep this evening you'll be left feeling
wired and unable to rest. Stay away from the coffee and opt for low
GI, slow release energy foods like nuts, seeds and lean meats to
keep your blood sugar level stable. This will stave off a potential
crash later this afternoon.

Switch off tonight

A head full of election rhetoric will not not make for
a good night's sleep so tonight is when you really need to switch
off. This means turning off the news an hour to 90 minutes before
bed and letting your brain properly unwind.

Scrolling through Twitter is the worst thing you can
do if you want to sleep well tonight. The blue light from your
phone or tablet will trick your brain into feeling awake and you
won't be able to sleep however tired you thought you were. Use the
time before bed to have a bath.

Adding two big mugs of Bicarbonate of soda to the bath
is a fantastic way to wind down and prepare you for a deep, restful
sleep. The bicarbonate neutralises the skin's acidity, softens dry
skin and is a good aid in detoxification. Don't use soap or shampoo
as the chemicals will reduce the effect. Rinse off and go to bed
straight afterwards; you will feel very tired and enjoy a restful


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