When it comes to putting a baby to bed, the task could be made
much easier if they've been fed using an infant formula, experts
have argued.

Not only do breast-fed children tend to demand more attention, but
are also prone to crying and are generally more difficult, experts
from the Medical Research Council claimed.

However, they pointed out that behaviour such as this is normal,
so parents should learn how to deal with it, rather than simply
reaching for bottled formula.

Dr Ken Ong, study lead author from the Medical Research Council
Epidemiology Unit in Cambridge, encouraged mothers to seek help if
their babies are proving a problem.

He added: "There is an overwhelming body of evidence supporting
breastfeeding as the normal and most healthy form of infant
nutrition, and our findings do not contradict this."

The team believe that the results help explain why so many mothers
quickly give up breastfeeding.

Posted by Elizabeth Mewes