Sleep is amazing. No matter how bad your day has
been, you can sleep it off and wake up feeling refreshed and much
better. It is important to look after yourself, and not going to
bed late will reduce stress and prepare your body for a more
productive day ahead. Here are our top five ways to help you get to
sleep earlier!


When playing peaceful songs, your
body starts to desire sleep. Lie down in a dark, comfortable room,
and listen to some binaural beats and delta waves. You will feel
your body relax and slowly you'll fall to sleep without even
realising it.

Say no to

Cut out all caffeine and alcohol
before sleep. Caffeine can trigger you to become overactive and
therefore, less likely to sleep. A
study by researchers from the Henry Ford
showed that even drinking one cup of coffee in
the afternoon can cut sleep by an hour. We recommend sticking to
water and getting a good rest - you deserve it.

Eliminate screen

Don't watch any TV, go on your
computer or play on your phone when you're in your bedroom ready to
go to bed. The use of technology in bed has a reverse effect on your brain when
trying to sleep and actually causes you to become more awake - yes
really! Leave tech out of the bedroom and go to bed in

Create a comfortable

is a must when in dire need of a good night's sleep.
Kit your bed out with the most
comfortable quilts
and throws to keep you warm and
tucked up like royalty. Did you know that you spend nearly one
third of your life in bed? Why not do it in style!

Deep Breathing

Take slow, long deep breaths as you
lay in your bed. Deep breathing exercises can serve two purposes:
they calm the central nervous system and act as a meditation to
quiet the mind. Think about a relaxing place and breathe in and out
deeply. This will get your mind and body into a state of
relaxation, perfect for a good night's sleep.

If you follow these tips you will find that it will
be easy to go to sleep early. You will wake up feeling motivated
and more happy within yourself. Treat yourself to an early night if
you've got a heavy schedule the next day, you'll feel amazing for

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