The new year is here, the kids are back in
school and Monday will see the first full week back in the office
for most Brits.

After a string of late nights and late mornings
over the festive break, it's likely that many of us are out of our
regular sleep routine and possibly feeling a little

To help shake off this feeling and get you back
into your regular routine for the first full week, we've compiled
five top tips to beat the post-Christmas comedown.

Stress at work

Get an early night

Our sleep expert, Dr
believes there is real value in committing to going to
bed at around 10pm for four or five nights per week to help get you
back on track. This is to ensure that you allow your body to rest
through important sleep cycles, which will help regulate health and
emotional wellbeing. Before bed, spend at least 30 minutes winding
down before bedtime by reading, gently stretching or having a warm

Have a healthy snack

After plenty of Christmas indulgences, why not start 2018 as you
mean to go on and make healthier snack choices? Snacking on healthy
foods (like nuts and berries) can maintain your energy levels and
keep you alert at work.

Cut the booze and caffeine

Caffeine has a direct impact on reducing sleep
quality. The half-life of caffeine is approximately five hours.
This means that it can take up to ten hours to completely remove
all of the caffeine from your body if you drink a cup of tea or
coffee. Consider replacing your afternoon coffee with herbal tea or
decaffeinated variants of tea and coffee, particularly if you find
that you wake up feeling unrefreshed despite having slept for eight
hours or so.

Get some fresh air

Set some time aside on your lunch break for some fresh air and
go on a quick walk. The boost in serotonin will help to improve
your mood and keep you energised throughout the day.

Get organised 

To prevent getting overwhelmed in the the first
full week back at work, spend some time the night before to prepare
your diary, pack your bag and get a good night's sleep. The less
time you spend preparing in the morning will reduce overall stress
levels when going to work.

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