Many people find it extremely
difficult to sleep in unfamiliar places due to being so far away
from their own cosy bed and comfortable routine. Hotel
rooms, airports or a friend's sofa are not always the homeliest of
places to find yourself if you are fussy sleeper. No matter how
tired we are, if we feel uncomfortable, a lot of us are unwilling
and unable to sleep. So the question remains: how do you go about
getting a good night's sleep in a place away from home? We've put
together a few tips that we hope will help all of those who find
themselves in need of sleep in an unknown territory.

Packing Smart

A comfortable night's sleep away
from home begins long before you've checked into the hotel room or
overnight flight. It starts at the packing stage of your clothes
and personal belongings. Packing comfortable clothes to change into
is a must for any traveller. Imagine spending 8 hours on a flight
in your office attire or form-fitting jeans - strangely
uncomfortable, right? Now imagine sitting in a plane seat in
elasticated jogging bottoms with soft inner lining as well as your
favourite zip-up hoodie. When it comes to feeling comfortable,
there's no competition between the two. 

Familiarise yourself with
the surroundings  

Visualisation is a powerful tool. If
you've booked a hotel room for the evening, take a look through the
pictures on site to make yourself acquainted with where you will be
spending the night. Is it a single or double
? Is there anything you think is missing that you
find important? Are you able to take it with you? Never
underestimate the power of home comforts. If you need to bring your
headphones to listen to familiar music, then go ahead and bring
those too. 

Emulate your routine as much
as possible

Granted, you may not be able to do
everything within your nightly winding down routine, but emulating
it as closely as possible will help your body feel more relaxed. If
you watch films before bed, bring along a couple so you can listen
to them in the background as you try to fall asleep. Listening may
prove to be better as the familiarity of the film voices may make
you feel calmer as you begin to drift off, whereas the blue light
emitted from the technological screen will hinder your ability to
sleep. If you're used to
exercising before sleeping
, then make
time for a condensed version, as not only will it be associated
with feelings of normality, but it may help to tire you out and
relieve stress.

Scents are

Many people find the comforting
smell of home one of the reasons they are able to fall asleep so
easily. Obviously, when you are away that becomes a little harder -
however not impossible! If the smell of fusty car is making you
lose your sleeping rhythm, use your hoodie or better yet, a pillow
from your own bed to fill your nostrils with the familiar scent of

Give yourself time to

There is nothing worse than finding
yourself in an uncomfortable place to sleep AND not having enough
time to get a full night's rest. Give yourself enough time to
settle and relax your body for what lies ahead. Start your modified
evening routine early and give yourself as much time as you can to
fall asleep. Even if you end up heading off to your hotel room
earlier than you'd expect, remember the first night is usually the
hardest to sleep in a strange bed.