Brits are notorious for making rash decisions when it comes to
purchasing a mattress, which is why following these five simple
steps to the perfect mattress choice is important for guaranteeing
the most sleep for your buck.

Humans spend about one-third of their lives asleep, and those who
don't get enough of it tend to act sluggish, restless and lack
productivity. Sleeping less than seven hours per night increases
your risk of obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease
and depression. Sleepless nights can also increase safety concerns,
such as bad driving.

It is therefore essential that sleep becomes a central part of how
we live our lives. Specifically, the sleeping environment should be
personally tailored to our needs, with a comfy bed and a dark room
most likely to guarantee optimised amounts of comfort at

When it comes to choosing a mattress, there are five important
steps to choosing the mattress that suits you.

First of all, consider what size mattress best suits you and also
suits the room. Mattresses come in for primary sizes, twin, queen,
king and single. It is generally recommended that bigger is better
when it comes to mattress choice, as this allows the most room for
personal sleep preferences. However, the size of your room or your
personal preferences may dictate otherwise. It is not recommended
that the room is entirely bed-centric, but it should be the central
feature, as it makes the room sleep-focused and comfortable.

Once you have considered the size you want to opt for, you should
spend a bit of time in-store experiencing the mattress. Many find
this part of the purchasing experience uncomfortable, but it is
perfectly logical that you should kick back and relax on a mattress
in store in order to gauge which one suits you the most. Mattresses
are not about one-size-fits-all, and the more personal you get over
your mattress choice, the more rewarding your eventual purchase
will be.

Sleeping at night is now as much about support as it is about
comfort. So once you have gauged how comfortable you feel, you
should seriously consider the amount of support you are getting
from the mattress.

There are a number of misconceptions here. It is often thought
that if you have back problems then you should opt for a more
comfortable mattress. While this may be true in some cases, it is
often more beneficial to have a mattress that offers zonal comfort.
Memory foam mattresses are often cited as the most supportive
mattresses, as they mould to the shape of the body. However,
Miracoil mattresses offer a similar level of zonal support with
their multi-layered springs.

When we talk about support, it generally refers to back pain. This
means that orthopaedic support should be considered if you struggle
with back pain. There are several mattresses available that
guarantee you get the most support from your mattress. The
Silentnight Anna divan includes a firm feel continuous sprung
mattress which offers ample support as well as maximised comfort.
The fully upholstered platform topped divan base provides optimum
all-over support. It also has a damask cover and is

The first four recommendations are by far the most important in
terms of getting the most out of the night. The final purchase
advice is that you should keep in mind your price range. In order
to perform best at your work, you need the right amount sleep so
invest in the best quality mattress that you can afford.

You should consider mattress buys as an investment, rather than a
purchase, as you spend a third of your time sleeping on it and it
also offers longevity.

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