Property owners have been advised on the methods they can
employ to evoke certain moods in the bedroom.

According to a representative for Dulux, colours can actually be
described as tools to help evoke certain emotional responses from
the viewer and therefore using colour to elicit a certain response
can be a great way to put personality into a space.

Colour choice primarily relies on the what atmosphere the
homeowners is trying to evoke, but in bedrooms this would normally
be a sense of relaxation and calmness - as these are two of the
most important aspects of achieving a good night's sleep.

The expert commented: "Rich colours are intense, sexy, gorgeous
and strong. It creates really impactful decorating, with colours
that can be used for feature walls or really intimate settings or
dramatic rooms.

"Fresh colours have a very high light reflectant value due to
their lack of black [pigment]. They're loved by young people or
people who are young at heart and they're designed to work really
well in small rooms."

A calm, tranquil and sophisticated atmosphere can often best be
achieved through the use of greys and less pigmented shades, with
colours like chocolate or biscuit brown working extremely well with
grey shades, as this combination is very easy on the eye and evokes
a sense of calmness.

The use of grey as a pigment in warm colours can also be extremely
successful in delivering cosy, comfortable interiors for Brits, the
expert concluded.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for bedroom furniture manufacturer
Hypnos Beds recently argued there is a
growing trend for the use of bespoke headboards to make significant
design statements at present.

Harmonising the headboard to other furnishings or the base of the
bed is another option that many Brits are exploring at present, but
it is clear that these design elements are being fully embraced by
those who wish to make an impact with their design

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