Nutrients and sleep are the key ingredients to successfully
completing endurance events, according to Sara Rosenkranz of Kansas
state college, who advised that those who are preparing for such
events should be getting the right amount of sleep on the right

Endurance events are becoming very popular in Britain, with many
people taking part in such events at least once a year. Charitable
work is often a key incentive behind pushing our bodies to the
limit, and there are numerous events in which people will face
physically-enduring tests in order to support their designated

Obvious examples are the Great North Run or the London marathon,
but many more are set to take place this year, attracting hundreds
of thousands of people. The Brighton marathon takes place this
week, as well as the Rock n Roll Edinburgh Half Marathon, RAF
Halton Sprint Triathlon and the British Heart Foundation Dorset
Bike Ride 2012 which will take place in the near future.

Across the year, there are also events such as the London to Paris
Cycle Ride, Three and Four Peak Challenges and even Trek the Great
Wall of China that will push our bodies to their limit, raising
much needed funds for a wide range of charities.

However, even though nobody signs up willy-nilly for these events,
many don't realise the importance of good nutrients and a good
night's sleep in helping them prepare for them.

Sara Rosenkranz, assistant professor of nutrition at Kansas state
college in America, said a good breakfast is the best way to get a
proper start to the day in terms of what nutrients you eat. You
should always start your day with a good breakfast and try to fit
in three to five servings of fruits and vegetables per day.

Sleep is similarly crucial in being able to reach your potential.
A recent article in Harvard Health Publications explained that
getting enough sleep, six hours or more per night, can help people
perform well with their everyday activities. This isn't just
important on the day of the event, but in the run up to it as well
as once the event has been (hopefully) completed.

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