According to a
recent study
, the number of people working
night shifts has increased dramatically in the UK in the past five
years, due to a rise in manufacturing, logistics and security



A staggering 3.2 million Brits change their
shift patterns regularly are in turn, depriving themselves of a
decent night's sleep. Unfortunately, this could have a major effect
on your health long term.


Studies show that night shift work has been linked to increased
risk of diabetes, cancer and heart attacks. The change in your body
clock can have an effect on your mood, brain function, hormones and
can lead to obesity.


Shift workers can suffer from sleep loss due their body not
having a consistent sleeping pattern, which can cause drowsiness
whilst they are awake, making exercise more of a chore. They are
also more likely to depend on junk food which will gradually take a
toll on their body.


If you're a shift worker, watch our sleep expert Dr Nerina
Ramlakhan share her tips
to help prevent health risks of changing sleep patterns.


A healthy diet and keeping fit


Try to prevent getting yourself into routine of
eating unhealthy fatty foods and spending the remainder or your
free time lounging and being sedentary. Staying active will help
you feel less sluggish at work and will help you gain more


Well rested


You should be aiming to get 7-9 hours of sleep,
this will make you feel more energised and ready to take on your
shift. People that don't get enough hours of sleep will struggle
staying awake during their job causing them to being not as
efficient as those who get a decent night's sleep.


Get yourself into a healthy routine

think that working consecutively on a night shift and
getting your body into a routine of sleeping through the day and
working at night is better than changing every week from going back
and forth. Constantly changing your sleeping pattern to cater to
your work needs is going to confuse your body so try to stay


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