It isn't a secret how important a
good night's sleep is. Many successful leaders around the world,
including Margaret Thatcher and Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, have
claimed that in order to operate efficiently throughout the day
they need merely four to five hours a night. 

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However, this may not be the case.
According to Dr. Tara Swart, international neuroscientist and CEO
of the Unlimited Mind, only one to two percent of the entire
population can operate throughout the day on four hours sleep. The
other 98 percent of us require the recommended seven to eight hours
a night. 

Problems associated with not getting the recommended
amount of sleep, according to Dr. Swart, include a lack of social
ability and emotional stability. Sleep disturbance could also lead
to a drop in your IQ points, and studies have shown that if we miss
just one night our IQ drops by one standard deviation. Dr. Swart
says that this could cause individuals to 'operate as if you've got
a learning disability'. 

Dr. Swart also argues that memory problems, issues
with decision making, lack of creativity and regulating your
personal emotions are the first to be targeted by lack of

If you struggle to get the recommended amount of
sleep visit Dr. Nerina's Sleep Toolkit here for useful tips.