The NHS is launching a campaign to
help improve the nation's sleep. Researchers claim that we sleep better if we
live near to the sea
, or even a park or


 According to research by
Public Health England
, there is growing
evidence that health problems including obesity, heart disease and
diabetes are being fuelled by the nation not getting enough


 Data on more than 250,000 Americans was
analysed to find out if living in the great outdoors can really
improve our sleep. Those who had the worst sleep consistently were
living in the most built-up areas, the journal of Preventative
Medicine recorded.


 Professor Diana Grigsby-Toussaint, a researcher
at the University of Illinois, said: 'Across the entire sample,
individuals reporting 21 to 29 days of insufficient sleep
consistently had lower access to green space and natural amenities
compared to those reporting less than one week.'


Over 65's with access to nature
reported having the best night's sleep and people living close to
nature, in tree lined streets reported 'feeling


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