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A little birdy told us that Rita Ora is a fan of napping!

She's not the only one and someone who is fond of Rita, our very
own Hippo, has a very special message for her and anyone else who
loves a good nap...



Hippo Letter



Our sleep expert, Dr Nerina
Ramlakhan, says: "Power naps can help to rejuvenate you during the
day - giving you more energy to live a fulfilled life. The most
important thing to remember is that a power nap is not sleeping - I
define it as follows: "A power nap is 10-20 minutes in which
you will be aware of thoughts, noises and sensations but at the
same time will be in a deep state of relaxation - not asleep but
not awake."


The best time to power nap is during
the day if you start to feel sleepy or find yourself losing
concentration. Many people have a natural dip in energy levels
around 3pm - making it the ideal time for a power


Step 1 - get comfortable, but not
too comfortable. You can power nap on the sofa, in the car, or even
on the floor. Find somewhere where you can physically and mentally


Step 2 - set an alarm for 10-20 mins
or ask someone to rouse you


Step 3 - close your eyes and become
aware of your breathing … slow it down. You will be aware of
external sounds and your thoughts but keep focusing on your


Step 4 - feel yourself sinking
deeper into relaxation with every breath that you take


Step 5 - when your alarm goes off
rouse yourself gently, slowly open your eyes. After 2-3 minutes you
should feel more energised."

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