The phenomenon known as sleep anger,
or 'slanger' is on the rise, as mothers share their experiences as
they struggle with lack of sleep.

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Sleep anger is a condition similar to the effects of
'hanger' where there's a rage driven by lack of food, sleep anger
is driven quite simply, by not getting enough sleep. 

According to research by U.S scientists, the
condition disproportionally affects women, as they are more
'susceptible to the ill-effects of sleep deprivation and become
more hostile and angry than men'. 

Mother, Heather aged 33, confesses 'I need ten hours'
sleep a night, otherwise I'm a nightmare, I'm usually in bed by
9pm, but I had made the mistake of staying up until 11pm and we all
paid the price.'

Heather's husband, Wayne, finds Heather's bouts of
rage so hard to live with, he has spent the last six years retiring
to bed at 9pm. Heather said 'we'll see trailers for TV programmes
that don't start until 9.30pm, so Wayne has to record them to watch
at 7pm the following night'. 

Heather said about her son, Rowan: 'I remember once
being awake in the early hours with Rowan wailing inconsolably and
I was so tired I felt I couldn't go on. I ran into the back garden
and screamed, 'Shut up!' over and over. Bedroom lights went on in
houses all around us as neighbours got up to see what the racket
was, but I was far too livid to care.'

When her daughter Jaya was a baby, Jin Dhillon, 40,
was so furious with her investment banking husband, due to her lack
of sleep, that the couple decided to have no further

'It put a huge strain on our marriage,' says Jin, 40.
'Once, when Jaya was three months old, my husband came home to find
me in my pyjamas and said: 'What have you done all day? You haven't
cooked dinner and the house is a tip.' '

The red mist descended and, clenching my fists, I
screeched: 'You'd better get out of here before I do something I
regret!' '.

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