Those who don't go to bed until the
early hours end up eating an extra 248 calories the next day,
according to a study in the journal Obesity. 

sleepy woman

 When we feel tired, or even exhausted, we feel
more hungry too, with out bodies craving sugar and caffeine for

 Being exhausted has also been found to
encourage us to eat twice the amount of high-calorie fast food and
fizzy drinks - and half the amount of fruit and veg.

 Nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert, of, says: 'If you are tired and your body hasn't had
enough sleep the night before to stoke energy levels, it is going
to crave glucose - sugar, carbs and fizzy drinks - like crazy
because it needs more energy quickly.'

 People who regularly get only five hours of
sleep have been found to be 50 per cent more likely to be obese
than those getting eight hours.

 Our sleep expert, Dr. Nerina Ramlakhan,
reiterated these points saying: "Not sleeping enough forces our
body into crisis or survival type mode. We start to run on
adrenaline which makes us conserve energy and store fat
particularly around the middle - this is called 'trunkal
thickening' -  and we start breaking down our

 "Not sleeping or poor quality sleep also makes
you rely more on caffeine and refined sugars during the day and
these are all substances that will make us put on weight. In the
meantime, people who have difficulty getting to sleep delay going
to bed, and then snack as a procrastinating exercise. People also
drink alcohol in the evenings, mistakenly believing it will make
them more tired, and these alcoholic drinks are high in

 So if you want to avoid these over-indulging
days, try following our sleep tips for a better night's rest here