It's probably happened to you at
some point. You start drifting off to sleep and suddenly you jump
wide awake. 

awake at night

 Professor Gaby Badre is a sleep expert at The
London Clinic and she explained what exactly our body is doing when
we jump out of our skin at night. 

 One of the main causes of jolting awake is
stress, being very tired or having irregular sleep patterns that
can disrupt the natural cycle of our bodies, says Professor

 Jolting in our sleep is caused from
experiencing vivid dreams, but our body isn't prepared because the
muscles are not completely relaxed yet. 

 The condition is known as hypnic myoclonia and
is described by Professor Badre as 'completely normal'.

 To lower the chance of this happening to you,
try and adopt a regular sleeping pattern and follow the tips
of  our very own sleep expert, Dr Nerina: /sleep-matters/dr-nerinas-sleep-toolkit/