The dangers of cooking when overly tired have been highlighted
for individuals across the UK after one man from Birmingham has had
to call out the fire brigade on two occasions after he fell asleep
while preparing meals.

Brits need to be aware of the dangers that falling asleep when
involved in hazardous activities can pose and cooking should
certainly be included among these pastimes, the Birmingham Mail

The incident took place on Tuesday evening (June 26th) and saw
firefighters called to an address on Glascote Road, Glascote after
the unnamed individual caused a blaze when he left a chip pan

Fortunately, nobody was seriously injured in the fire, with the
owner of the property treated in hospital for smoke

Tamworth station manager Jim Bywater told the news provider: "The
male occupant had fallen asleep whilst cooking, but luckily his
smoke alarms woke him up and was able to get out safely.

"We fitted the smoke alarms for him in April when we attended
another cooking fire under similar circumstances. We have given
advice to the occupant and we would urge other people to take heed
- look when you cook."

In addition, Mr Byswater called on UK homeowners to scrap chip
pans and instead use a thermostat-controlled deep fat fryer, as
this is safer and will not overheat if left unattended.

Falling asleep while cooking is a serious hazard and Brits keen to
avoid such an incident should therefore be ensuring they are
getting the recommended eight hours of restful sleep each evening,
as this will help them to stay awake and alert throughout the

Meanwhile, the Sleep Council is calling on people to carry out an
MOT on their mattress if they
feel they are not getting a good night's sleep.

This includes asking the questions of whether the mattress is more
than seven years old, does it sag or have lumps, do occupants tend
to unintentionally roll around in the night and would they be happy
for others to see their bare mattress.

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