Having a greatnight's sleep is
amazing. You wake up feeling productive and motivated a
ahead. But how can you induce a deep, relaxing sleep? If you follow
the "bath, book and bed" routine, you will know that having a bath
before bed does wonders for your sleep. Is there anything better
than a candlelit, bubble bath? We think so. To truly relax, we
recommend adding a few drops of essential oils to your hot bath.
Here we've listed three of our favourites to try.


This definitely comes top of the
list. Studies have proven that lavender oil is amazing for a good
night's sleep. A few drops of this in your bath will have you
snoozing in no time!


Roman chamomile is an ancient herb
and is very therapeutic, especially when put in a hot bath. This
essential oil is known to have relaxing properties that can treat
insomnia and stress. It's perfect for a calm down before a well
deserved sleep.

Sweet Marjoram

Sweet Marjoram essential oil is
commonly used in aromatherapy. It is best used during massages as
it helps with muscular aches. You can also put a few drops into
your bath to help you relax and soothe your muscles. This will
allow you to have an amazing, deep sleep.


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your bath? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag