Q : Could you please give me your advice on the; Silentnight
Toronto Mock Pillow Top Miracoil 3;Clara cushion top; and Clara
microquiltLooking for the best quality medium to firm mattress


A : The Toronto mock pillow top is 26cm deep with sumptuous
fillings and is available on special offer from Sainsburys at the
moment.The Clara microquilt is available from Argos & Homebase,
it does not have the extra "topping" but is available with the
"take back" option - removal of your old bed/mattress.Argos also
sell the Clara cushion top which is very similar to the
Toronto.With our miracoil spring system all three mattresses have a
medium-firm feel.If you think that every £100 extra you spend only
equates to less than 3p extra per night over the average ten year
lifespan of a bed, a bed should offer the best comfort and support
for you that you can afford.